Is the joy real?

Is the joy real? - Simply Nourished Wellness

I’ve mentioned in the past that I really enjoyed The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.  The concept and method overall really works for me and helped me to make some great changes as I work to get rid of excess and lead a more minimalist, simple life. 

Spark Joy

This is a phrase I say to myself all the time…as I look at the books on my bookshelves, cook in my kitchen, analyze my craft supplies, and  when purchasing new items.  Deciding whether something really sparks joy is a great method to keep my mind focused on my goal:

A relaxing home, filled with what I love. A Simple, Joy-Filled Life

I went through my clothes awhile back using the KonMari method and got rid of quite a few items. While I continue to keep the “does this spark joy?” question in the back of my mind when I look through them daily, I still felt like I wasn’t done.

What was I missing?

I really thought that all of the things in there were things I loved.

But then I realized that there were a decent amount of things that I was just never picking out to wear. Why?  Sometimes I’d reason that it was too fancy/plain for the occasion.  Or too cool/hot.  Or I just wasn’t in the mood for that.  And then I started to realize I was really never wearing them, even though I thought they brought me joy.

So in an effort to figure out what I was missing, I decided to wear them.  I put aside all my favorites and each day started picking out that sweater that never leaves the shelf, or that shirt that gets passed by each time I look through my clothes.

What I found was interesting – I had 2 reactions upon putting things on

  1.  I really love this top!  I don’t know why I haven’t been wearing it more.  It fits so nice & looks great.
  2. Ugh…this really doesn’t fit me right.  It make me look lumpy, or hangs a little weird in this one spot, or I just don’t feel like “me” in it.

The problem with the #2’s all along was that I did really like the style or color or basic look of the item.  But it just wasn’t for ME.  There’s probably someone out there that it will look amazing on or who will be thrilled to put it on, but its not me.

Part of this decluttering & minimizing journey is realizing who you really are.  Finding out what your passions are, what your real style is, what your goals & dreams are.

This all sounds kind of lofty…I mean we’re talking about CLOTHES, right?

But this is just one piece of the puzzle.  Finding what you love to wear is just one piece of living a joy-filled life. If you are wearing clothes that you only feel “meh” about, it’s certainly not going to reflect greatly on your mood & attitude.

Is the joy real? - Simply Nourished Wellness

I realize it’s not possible to scrap your entire wardrobe and start over (how I wish!).  But a great place to start is being really honest with yourself about those clothing items that really aren’t bringing you joy.  Toss them!  As I’ve weeded out my clothing, I’ve started really looking at clothing in stores and on Instagram feeds of people who have a style I love.  Instead of making impulse purchases of clothing, I’ve really been shopping around.  I’ve also been prepared to spend a little more on clothing when I find something I truly love. I’ve decided to not settle for a pretty cheap $10 top when I found a similar one for $40 elsewhere that really fits me perfect with fabric that feels like it was meant for me to wear.

Its a process, but once my vision changed about what I really wanted in my life (and closet), it made it easier to change my mindset.

That said…my husband still claims I take up more than half the closet.  He’s probably right… I think I need to keep trying things on!

Simplifying Action Item:

Take another look at your closet (or dresser).  Pick one category of clothes to go through today.  Separate them into two piles to start with:  things you KNOW you pick out to wear all the time, and things you don’t wear as much.  Challenge yourself to put the “love it” items aside for a couple of weeks and wear those unworn things.  Do they really bring you joy?  If not, put them in the donate pile!

Is the joy real? - Simply Nourished Wellness
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