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Hi, I’m Stephani, owner of Live Simply, Eat Well. I’m a lover of good food and an aspiring minimalist. I love to share how to simplify your home, nutrition, and life so that you can reduce stress, feel in control of your life, get energized, and have time to do the things you dream of doing.

Stephani Halderman - Live Simply Eat Well

So what is Live Simply, Eat Well all about?

Simplicity & Minimalism

Through simplifying, we can improve our lives, and live a life of purpose by keeping the things that add to our lives, while discarding those that take away from it.

Simplifying allows us to live the life we truly want: Time spent with family & friends, time helping others, and enjoying those moments instead of watching life speed by.

Mindfulness & Presence

In a world filled with multi-tasking and over scheduling, there's something almost foreign to us about taking time to pause.

Mindfulness helps us recenter ourselves. We can use tools like meditation, prayer, and relaxing activities to center our minds & reduce stress. This helps us feel our best, be our healthiest, and achieve our health goals.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition is such a key part of health & wellness. I truly believe that nutrition can play a huge part in healing the body and reaching our health goals.

I'm passionate about fueling my body as well as creating a healthy lifestyle: one that supports my health goals through meal planning, simplified nutrition & fitness, & being active in every day life.

On a personal note…

…I love spending time with my family and
taking amazing family selfies like this:

I have been married to my husband for over 20 years, and I am a mom to two teen girls. We live in the country just outside a small town in Wisconsin. When I’m not doing web design or creating content for Live Simply, Eat Well, I love to exercise, read, knit, bake all kinds of delicious gluten free & paleo things, and volunteer in our schools & community.

I love sunshine, mountains, forests, and hiking. I dream of one day building a home in the woods where I can wander and be with nature out my back door.

I’m mostly introverted, but love to spend time with family and friends being silly and laughing. I’m a Questioner and a 9w1 Enneagram.

A few random facts about me…

want to start your simplifying journey?

Simplifying your space is a great place to start simplifying your life.  We want to downsize so we decided to get rid of 2,021 things in 2021!  I’d love you to join us on this journey!

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