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The Value of Walking for Your Mind, Mood, and Body - Live Simply, Eat Well

The Value of Walking for Your Mind, Mood, and Body

Today’s blog is a guest post from Joyce Shulman. I shared a book review of her new book Walk Your Way to Better last week. Today she’s sharing about the value of walking just for my readers! Walking has been part of my life since childhood. I remember walking home from middle school, long walks

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Book Review: Walk Your Way to Better by Joyce Schulman - Live Simply, Eat Well

Book Review: Walk Your Way to Better

If you could make one simple change to create better mental and physical health for yourself, wouldn’t that be something you would try? With all of the nutrition, health, and fitness advice we see constantly, there is one thing that can be so beneficial that is also pretty simple to implement: walking. Walking is an

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5 Ways To Be More Mindful Every Day - Live Simply, Eat Well

5 Ways To Be More Mindful Every Day

Often when we think of mindfulness, we think of meditating. But being mindful extends to much more than meditating. Mindfulness involves being in the present in many aspects of our life. It is quite easy to be caught up in worrying about the future or over-analyzing the past. Especially in times of uncertainty, we can

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Should You Ditch Multitasking? - Live Simply, Eat Well

Should You Ditch Multitasking?

I was a long time, hardcore multi-tasker. I would be working on a project on my computer while I made dinner and took pics/video of the cooking process to share on social media. All while holding intermittent conversations with family members. Did I mention that just about anytime I tried to do Instagram stories of

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Project 333 Book Review + Create a Capsule Wardrobe

I know personally that simplifying my life has lead to some amazing changes in how my home functions and feels. The physical aspect of this change has been life changing as it makes cleaning easier, but the mental aspect has been even better. When I started simplifying & decluttering, I knew that I wanted to

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4 Ways Stress Affects Your Body + How To Combat It

Chances are pretty good that, unless you are living disconnected in the wilderness, you have a bit of stress in your life right now. You are definitely not alone. There are so many people right now experiencing job loss or layoffs, childcare issues, financial strain, and educating their kids from home. This on top of

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