Want to Live Simply & Eat well...


These are some of my favorite products that can help you live simply & eat well!  These are all things that I use personally and truly love.

* Note:  Some of these links are affiliate links.  That means when you click them and make a purchase, I receive a small percentage (at no cost to you!).

Nutrition & Supplements

LMNT Electrolyte Drink


Proper hydration is important, but having proper electrolyte balance is essential. I love LMNT as a healthy & balanced alternative to sports drinks. No fillers or added sugar (it's stevia sweetened).

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins makes the best collagen peptides.  I add these to my coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, and more.  It's a great way to get protein and the awesome benefits of collagen (healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, etc.).


Visit my Fullscript store to shop for hundreds of quality supplements.  If you use my personal store, you'll get 15% off!  Be sure to check out my Recommendations list of my favorite supplements!

Green Home

Grove Collaborative

To say I love Grove's products is probably an understatement!  I use their cleaning products all over my home.  They are a great green cleaning product company that focuses on less plastic and sustainability.

Click the button below to choose your FREE gift set with first purchase of $20+ : Sets ranging from Mrs. Meyer’s to Grove’s plastic-free line!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy

Affordable, high quality essential oils?  Yes please!  I love diffusing essential oils, using them in cleaning products, and using them for soothing and healing.  I've been so happy with these EO's and their variety and prices are great!



E-Cloth has a huge variety of cleaning cloths for wiping, dusting, mopping, and more.  They are all about green cleaning.

Grove Laundry

I love Grove's laundry products as much as I love their cleaning supplies!  We have been using their laundry packs and wool dryer balls for awhile now and they work great.  Also so convenient! 

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Bath & Body

Rooted Beauty from Grove

If you're looking for great, clean beauty products, I've been loving the Rooted line from Grove Collaborative.  The face wipes are so convenient for a quick cleanse or for traveling.  I love their face cleanser as well - simple and easy on my skin.

Click the button below to get a Free Gift Set With Your First Order of $20+

Primally Pure Products

Primally Pure

Primally Pure offers high quality, natural skin care products with simple ingredients.  I fell in love with their deodorant initially but have tried many of their products and love them (their body butter is amazing)!

Fitness & Health

Down Dog App

Down Dog App

I downloaded Down Dog at the start of Covid in 2020 and it quickly became one of my favorite yoga apps!  I love that you can customize the length & type of yoga as well as add bonus focus areas.  There are free options, but at only $39.99/yr it's a no brainer to upgrade - plus you also get full access to their other apps as well! (HIIT, Meditation, Barre, & Prenatal Yoga)  I often use the Restorative Yoga as a stretching cooldown after a workout.

MAPS Starter

MAPS Starter Bundle

I was looking for a great, no nonsense, and effective strength program.  If you know Mind Pump Media, you know these guys know their stuff.  I also like their approach to making sure your body is ready for the movements before doing them.  That's the main reason I bought the Starter bundle.  It's great for people new to strength training but also great if you have some mobility issues and want to make sure you're doing things the right way. 

This button link takes you to that bundle, but if you go to their MAPS Fitness Products menu you'll see all of the other programs and bundles they offer.

Calm App


Meditation is one of my favorite ways to clear my mind and de-stress.  I love the Calm app!  The options are endless and there are new meditations daily. You can use it free or subscribe for a lot more options.

Minimalism & Simplicity

Dress With Less - Project 333

If trying a capsule wardrobe has been on your list, let the expert guide you.  Courtney Carver has been doing capsule wardrobes for years and can help you get started.  Her 10 video course will help you simplify your closet!


Uncluttered Course

The Uncluttered course was created by Joshua Becker to help you simplify your home and life by removing what distracts us from our goals of a simplified life.  The Uncluttered Course is 12 weeks of guided instruction, community, encouragement, and inspiration to help you declutter your home.

Take Your House Back

If you've been wanting to declutter your home, or have been trying but feel like you're getting nowhere, this is THE course for you!  Led by decluttering experts Dawn, Cassie, & Dana, you'll go through your home to simplify it and bring order.  I love their approach to decluttering and having 3 perspectives makes it all the better!

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