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4 Tips For Healthy Eating While Traveling

I’m currently knee deep in planning a 2 week driving vacation that will take us from WI out to Yellowstone, down through Colorado and into New Mexico, then back to WI. Just planning the basics of a trip can be a bit overwhelming, but when you’re trying to eat well, you eventually start thinking about

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Maple Glazed Almonds - Live Simply Eat Well

Maple Glazed Almonds

Nuts make such a great snack. They are easy to find, portable, and filled with protein & fat, so they are satisfying for longer than a high carb snack. There are lots of options for flavors of nuts beyond just eating plain nuts…. sweet varieties like glazed walnuts or honey roasted peanuts. Or savory options

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Get Walking for Good Health

I’m often asked where to start with exercise, or what to do to help with weight/fat loss. One thing I always recommend is strength training (which I’ll get into in a future post). But something that almost everyone can do for free and easily fit into their schedule is walking. There are so many benefits

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Double Chocolate Donuts (Grain Free, Gluten Free, Primal) - Live Simply Eat Well

Double Chocolate Donuts (grain free, gluten free, primal)

What an amazing day today is – it’s National Donut Day! I will talk to you about nutrition all day and tell the wonders of kale, but I will never stop loving donuts. NEVER! But instead of running out and buying a gluten filled donut that leaves me with digestive regret for days (been there,

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Don’t Cheat, Just Eat

“It’s my cheat meal.”“I cheated this weekend and ate cake.”“I was so bad with my eating at that party.”“Saturday is aways my cheat day.”“I am going to run 3 extra miles to burn off this dessert.”“I am hitting the gym twice because of that party tonight.” You probably just read through those and likely recognized

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You’re Eating Fat, But Are You Digesting It?

Last week I wrote about 3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Fat. If you haven’t had a chance to check that out, I recommend you read that along with this article as the two tie together nicely. Plus there’s a great free resource on Eating Healthy Fats available for you as well! So, fat is

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