Pecan Crusted Pork Chops

Pecan Crusted Pork Chop - Simply Nourished Wellness

So I’ve had people tell me that they don’t make pork chops often because they don’t turn out well. I’ve found that one of the biggest offenses you can do with pork chops is to overcook them! They can become quite dry. Especially if they don’t have any coating or sauce on them.

This recipe solves both issues with the right kind of chops, a delicious coating, and baked just right! The added parsley gives it a perfect touch of herb flavor. In the end I was kind of regretting that it only made 4 – I would have loved to have this for leftovers! So you may want to double up on this. 😉

For the mayo, you can use store bought (I love Primal Kitchen’s mayo!), or make your own. I used bone in chops that were about 3/4″ thick. If you use boneless, or a chops that is much thicker or thinner, be sure to adjust the cook time and check the temp for doneness (160°).

Pecan Crusted Pork Chops

Stephani @ Simply Nourished Wellness
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Main Course
Servings 4


  • 1.5 cups pecans (about 6 oz)
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 c fresh parsley, loose packed (or 1.5 T dried)
  • 3 T mayo
  • 4 pork loin chips, bone in, 3/4″ thick (about 2 lbs)


  • Prepare a large sheet pan by lining it with aluminum foil, and placing a wire rack on the pan.  Adjust the oven rack about 6″ below the heating element and heat the oven to broil.
  • Place the pecans, sea salt, and parsley in a food processor and process until the nuts are finely chopped and everything is mixed. Transfer nut mixture into a container or plate to use for dipping.
  • Using a basting brush, butter knife, or your fingers (the brush works best!), spread the mayo on both sides of a pork chop. Then dip the pork chop into the pecan mixture, turning to coat on both sides.  Shake off any extra coating, and place the pork chop on the prepared rack on the baking sheet
  • Continue with the mayo and nut coating on the remaining pork chops.  When all chops are coated, place the sheet pan in the oven for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, flip the pork chops, and continue cooking 10-15 min longer or until the pork is cooked through (160° on a meat thermometer).
  • Remove from oven and serve!
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