Meal Planning = Less Dinner Stress

There are 3 times throughout the year that people seem to be motivated to get things organized and start new routines:  New Years, Spring, and Back to School time.  Here we are in September and I’ve talked to many people getting that itch to get back into a routine again, or start a new routine.

Back to school adds one (or possibly lots) more activity to the schedule.  And with school comes homework, lunches, sports, & activities.  Getting as much as you can organized is the best way to jump into the school year/fall without overwhelming ourselves.  Using a family calendar for activities is a great way to start to figure out what the game plan is, and setting up routines for everyone before & after school will help keep things running smoothly.  I’m here to offer another piece of the puzzle with a free download:

Meal Planning 101 & 1 Week Plan Ebook

It’s time to meal plan!

Get a jumpstart on dinner each week with meal planning!  I’m not kidding when I say that meal planning is a game changer for reducing stress at dinner time.  This FREE ebook gives you info all about meal planning & prep, and includes a 1 week menu + recipes! You can access the ebook here:

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