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5 Tips For Downsizing Your Home

After almost 15 years of living in a 2700 sq ft home, we made a decision… less is more! Well, actually that decision had been brewing for a few years, at least in my mind. Once I started talking about it to my husband, Dave, I found he was on board as well. Between the

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Eating Food That Gives You Energy

Food is energy… plain and simple.  It’s right there in the definition of a calorie. However, how our bodies use food can affect how energetic we feel.  Some foods are great for making us feel energized all day. Others can give us energy for a while, but then we tank and feel tired & sluggish.

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How to Simplify Your Holidays for Less Stress

We’re reaching a time of year where our schedules get filled, to-do lists grow long, and stress begins to rise. But it’s just the holidays, right?  It’s what we do… Maybe…or maybe not. I’m a firm believer that we humans are pretty good at overcomplicating our lives at times.  We seem to feel this need

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Decluttering Your Fridge (For Organization & Health)

I can’t be the only one who’s fridge descends into chaos from time to time.  Especially when we’ve been busy. I open the fridge and want to close it again… …mostly empty containers…questionable leftovers that got pushed to the back & forgotten…produce everywhere…condiments haphazardly balancing on shelves instead of put away properly…a milk jug with

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Setting Yourself Up for Great Sleep

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: Sleep is super important!  Getting a good quality AND quantity sleep at night is key, but you also need to take the steps with your eating & lifestyle to promote the best sleep possible. Sleep is when our body is allowed to rest and

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The Simplified Kitchen For Healthy Meals

Creating healthy meals in your kitchen may or may not be a task you enjoy. When it’s time to head to your kitchen, are you thinking about what you’ll be creating?  Or are you thinking about how much time it will take with finding all the supplies you need and making that new recipe you

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